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ASHLEIGH FLYNN: Making Music While Fighting for Justice and Democracy

– MusicalMind: Riflessioni Musicali in Ordine Sparso

– The Bluegrass Situation 
"Ashleigh's new record is KILLER. She is in top form with one hell of a band." 

– Oliver Wood, The Wood Brothers

"... accumulates into an amazingly creative and original juxtaposition of rock, country, vigour, and sass."

– Fervor Coulee

"Ashleigh Flynn & the Riveters come out of the gate rocking on the self-titled Ashleigh Flynn & the Riveters. The inner sleeve carries the tagline, “songs assembled here,” and that’s no lie. The band rocks steady on “This Love” and “Cold Black Line” and pulls it back to some measure pop-inflected balladry on “Too Close To The Sun.” Guitarist Nancy Luca is an underrated shredder, and just hearing her tear it up on these songs is worth the price of admission." 

– No Depression - Looking Back on a Year of Music

"What you get when you mix an LA rocker with Keith Richards chops; a thumping rhythm section; soaring fiddle, keyboards and backing vocals; all fronted by a singer-songwriter once described as a cross between the Indigo Girls and Johnny Cash."

"Flynn proves she isn't afraid, either. She flexes her muscles on this album just like Rosie the Riveter did on the WWII poster that encouraged women to show their strength outside the comfort of their own homes. The performance segment for "This Love" – shot in June at Halfling Studios in Portland, OR – gives a hint of the tenacious swagger of the group."

– PopMatters {"This Love" Video Premiere}

"Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters have made an impressive Americana album that is as feel-good as they come. It would be a perfect soundtrack to a Friday night bonfire, a Monday morning drive to work, or a ramblin' road trip. The women's obvious camaraderie brings the project a unique and organic energy. It's apparent that these women love to play together, and the mastery of both their vocals and instruments make it a joy to hear. The entire record sounds like a party – and everyone is invited." 

– Curve Magazine

"The all-girl Oregon band's self-titled debut on Home Perm Records absolutely ROCKS with 10 originals played and sung with ball-crushing intensity."

– Goldmine Magazine


"Flynn and her cohorts take that same sassy, aggressive attitude, laying down a kickass sound that seems to be a rallying cry for women to rise again during these uncertain political times." 

– Glide Magazine


"Though always outspoken, Flynn has upped the volume for her latest project, Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters. Inspired by the iconic WWII-era Rosie the Riveter imagery and the 2016 presidential election, The Riveters offer up a soundtrack of empowerment for the modern era."

– The Bend Bulletin

"Country-laced roots charged with abundant chick-rock energy is this Portland-based outfit's stock in trade. More than a little pop savvy is present as well on the screaming-for-airplay "Too Close to the Sun".

– Roots Music Report

“I got a whole lot of love I aim to give to you,” Flynn sings on the album-opening “This Love,” and she sings it with all the certainty of Rosie’s most famous flex. The ever-present conflict between reality and dreams, doubt and self-confidence flicker and dance across titles like “The Sound of Bells,” “Too Close to the Sun,” “One Moment,” “Fly Away” and “High on a Mountain,” ... “You Will Remember” is a promise, but not without righteous ill-intentions, and “Cold Black Line” might well be you get there from here, another good time gone wrong." 

"The pop sound of tracks like "The Sound Of Bells", "Too Close To The Sun" and "One Moment" is replaced by the slow groove of "Shrouded Sun", and the influence of country roots returns on the final tracks with "High On A Mountain" and the standout "Big Hat, No Cattle" sealing the deal." 

– Lonesome Highway

"Solid rocking melodic rockers that also fearlessly explore their roots side, this bunch has rock cred' and writing smarts that show this is for real and not a show. A winning set throughout." 

– Midwest Record

"In these tumultuous times, we certainly can use all the Rosies we can get!" 

– Oregon Music News

– The Bluegrass Situation 
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– Oregon Music News 
– PopMatters
– Guitar Girl Magazine
{ summer tour, 2019 }

"One of my favorite musicians to perform and hang out with is Ashleigh Flynn. Her lyrics are smart, she's got a voice full of soul, and she knows how to handle a crowd."

– Todd Snider


“Ashleigh Flynn & the Riveters laid down one of the best sets of this year’s festival with tight, professional rollicking Americana that defies geography. From the soul of the City to the call from the Holler, you won’t find a better band.”

–  Brian Keogh, Mainstage Coordinator, Oregon Country Fair


“Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters were a great addition to the River City Roots Fest in Missoula this summer. Most of the crowd did not know their music, but you can bet that they do now! They put on a great, high energy show and the buzz is still going on. If you want great musicians who can get the crowd up on their dancing feet, I highly recommend these women. I know that we will be seeing them in Missoula again.”

– Ellen Buchanan, Director, River City Roots Festival

"The coolest thing about all these shows is that little girls come up to the stage and watch with big excited eyes... some are shy.  Some are not.  Some are the next mayor. Some are the next goalie.  Some are just beautiful little girls - quizzical, thoughtful, and super dope fun."

– Ashleigh Flynn

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