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Press contact: Karen Leipziger

Produced by Chris Funk and recorded at the Halfling Studios, Portland, OR, Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters (Ashleigh Flynn - vocals/acoustic guitar; The Riveters: Nancy Luca - electric guitars, Carmen Paradise - bass, Jolie Clausen - drums, Jenny Conlee-Drizos - organ/piano, Kathryn Claire - fiddle/bgv and Ara Lee - bgv) features 10 original songs of strength and hope. Cover art by Kate Flather. It's a collection of songs that from one to the next swagger like the Stones and charm like a Sunday afternoon front-porch session. Songs that land like T-Rex and T-Bone. Songs of determination and desire, hope (there’s that word again), vengeance and humor.

“I got a whole lot of love I aim to give to you,” Flynn sings on the album-opening “This Love,” and she sings it with all the certainty of Rosie’s most famous flex. The ever-present conflict between reality and dreams, doubt and self-confidence flicker and dance across titles like “The Sound of Bells,” “Too Close to the Sun,” “One Moment,” “Fly Away” and “High on a Mountain,” where even the sweetest of memories are interrupted when “ominous storm clouds, thunder fill me with dread.” “You Will Remember” is a promise, but not without righteous ill-intentions, and “Cold Black Line” might well be you get there from here, another good time gone wrong.

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