“... accumulates into an amazingly creative and original juxtaposition

of rock, country, vigour and sass.” – Fervor Coulee


DIGITAL 45 {2020} // DEBUT LP {2018}


With what PopMatters describes as "tenacious swagger," critically-acclaimed solo artist Ashleigh Flynn recently dialed up the volume and debuted an all-female rock band as a nod to the “Rosie the Riveter” archetype from WWII.

Flynn grew up in Kentucky and cut her teeth on local bluegrass music and Motown. A prolific songwriter and performer blessed with unbridled charisma, she arrived on the Americana scene in 2008 with the release of her third LP, American Dream, a poetic lament to the elusiveness of that national ethos. A Million Stars followed in 2013 – a rollicking journey celebrating the women pioneers of the American West.

Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters inaugural LP hit the streets in 2018 featuring a sound that hearkens back to early Stones, ‘70s psychedelic country rock, and alternately charms like a Sunday afternoon front porch session...

“Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters laid down one of the best sets of this year's festival with tight, professional rollicking Americana that defies geography. From the soul of the City to the call from the Holler, you won't find a better band.  – Brian Keogh, Mainstage Coordinator, Oregon Country Fair


summer tour 2019, U.S. WEST //
spring 2019 WEST coast run // 2018 SAN FRANCISCO, NASHVILLE, PORTLAND
photos: Chris Lindsey, Queets Spreckles, KateOmatic
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// FALL 2020 //

Song Premiere:

The Bluegrass Situation

October 13, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic response. This tune gorgeously captures the mood of the early days of lockdown – and all the angst (and hope?) of Spring 2020. Recorded remotely by individual band members. Produced, arranged, engineered and mixed in LA by electric guitarist Nancy Luca.

Live on Stage

@ The Alberta Rose

October 9, 2020

A six-piece Riveters lineup rocked the Alberta Rose Theatre on Friday night for a professionally-filmed livestream with a limited number of fans in the house. It was a special return to the stage for the band. Full set archived on the Portland Music Stream {subscribe!}. Select highlights below.  



September 17, 2020

"ASHLEIGH FLYNN: Making Music While Fighting for Justice and Democracy." In this in-depth interview by Raffaella Mezzanzanica, Ashleigh talks music, politics, and what's moving and shaking in Riveters-land.

“What you get when you mix an LA rocker with Keith Richards chops; a thumping rhythm section; soaring fiddle, keyboards and backing vocals; all fronted by a singer-songwriter once described as a cross between the Indigo Girls and Johnny Cash.”




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