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   With what Pop Matters describes as "tenacious swagger," locally acclaimed solo artist Ashleigh Flynn, from Portland, OR, recently dialed up the volume and debuted an all-female rock band as a nod to the “Rosie the Riveter” archetype from WWII.

    Flynn grew up in Kentucky and cut her teeth on local bluegrass music and Motown. A prolific songwriter and performer blessed with unbridled charisma, she arrived on the Americana scene in 2008 with the release of her third LP, American Dream, a poetic lament to the elusiveness of that national ethos. A Million Stars followed in 2013 – a rollicking journey celebrating the women pioneers of the American West.

   Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters’ inaugural LP hit the streets in 2018 featuring a sound that hearkens back to early Stones, ‘70s psychedelic country rock, and alternately charms like a Sunday afternoon front porch session. Produced by her longtime musical collaborator, Chris Funk of the Decemberists, the 10 original tracks feature Flynn’s soulful vocals and compelling brand of songwriting, amped-up and virtuously enveloped by the electric guitar work of Nancy Luca. Luca honed her style and skill playing with Tom Petty and Bo Diddley. 

   In 2023, Ashleigh Flynn & the Riveters (AF&TR) remain a musical homage to “Rosie the Riveter,” whose brand inspired a social movement for women to work in America. AF&TR released their first studio album in late 2018 to stellar reviews and a multitude of live performance opportunities until the COVID19 pandemic shut down the live music industry.   The Riveters persevered with the release of a live album in 2020, followed by more glowing reviews and multiple major West Coast festival plays. 

   AF&TR continue to break boundaries – like the Rosie’s of the World War II production era. With a batch of new songs in their arsenal, AF&TR embarked on the production of Studio Album Number 2 with a queer female producer and engineer at the helm. While the band itself is making regional waves in a genre underrepresented by female and queer bands (Americana/Country/Rock); queer female engineers and producers are an anomaly in this genre (with the recent exception of Brandi Carlile!).

  With a summer tour in the books, the band hits the road soon and will put the final touches on its second record for release in late 2023/early 2024.

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