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# Track Time

1 This Love   2:38  Stand out track

2 The Sound of Bells 3:44  Stand out track

3 Cold Black Line 3:04                         

4 Too Close to the Sun 3:54  Stand out track 

5 One Moment   3:34  

6 You Will Remember 3:24             

7 Shrouded Sun 3:24                 ​

8 Fly Away 3:23                  

9 High on a Mountain 5:05      

10 Big Hat, No Cattle 3:08

“Ashleigh's new record is KILLER! She is in top form with one hell of a band." - Oliver Wood/The Wood Brothers

"The lyrics, vocals, and musicians all celebrate the strength of women who dream, take chances, overcome, and live full lives. Flynn is a great songwriter as well a vocalist and you will enjoy her and The Riveters."​ - Making A Scene

"The self-titled debut release from Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters is a wonderful album mixing rock, country, and folk, and featuring some damn fine songwriting." - Michael's Music Log

The two most famous Riveters in American history arrived a year apart and in tumultuous times.


The first – and the most famous, despite having originally only been seen by Westinghouse factory employees, and only for a few weeks – debuted in 1942. Flexing a bicep below the promise WE CAN DO IT, the original Rosie the Riveter was a pep talk, a World War II propaganda poster urging America’s women to the workplace for the good of the cause.


A year later, Norman Rockwell offered his take on Rosie on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. This time, she was a little more at ease, a little more casually confident. Rosie sits with a rivet gun across her lap, a sandwich in her hand and a copy of Hitler’s 'Mein Kampf' under her foot, quite literally snuffing out the bad guys on her lunch break.


And so Rosie the Riveter joined the roster of American myths, equal parts strength and hope. And it’s into that mythology Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters arrive with their self-titled debut album. For here we are, once again in tumultuous times, and we can use all the Rosies we can get.


Let’s start with Flynn, who was raised in Kentucky and now resides in Portland, Oregon. She’s earned her troubadour accolades the right way, by putting in the time and the miles and telling stories that matter with conviction and no small amount of humor. See A Million Stars, her last full-length recording, with its sketches of too often overlooked pioneer women.

Now, about the Riveters...Guitarist Nancy Luca grew up in Florida. She studied with Heartbreaker Mike Campbell and sat in with Tom Petty’s other band, Mudcrutch. Bo Diddley picked her out for his touring band in the '90s. In Los Angeles, she’s a member of Whole Lotta Rosies.


Carmen Paradise, of the Michigan folk duo the Marvins, takes up the bass in lockstep with drummer Jolie Clausen. Kathryn Claire takes up the fiddle and Ara Lee handles backing vocals. Jenny Conlee, of the Decemberists, adds her estimable talent on the keys.

Here’s the thing about the originals, the women who first took up Rosie’s call. They filled the factories making airplanes, but they also flew those planes. They enlisted and went overseas. They went to sea. They did it all.


In the decades since Rosie first arrived, she’s been celebrated in images and songs and lookalike contests. She’s become a political figure and an artistic muse. With this, their debut album, ASHLEIGH FLYNN & THE RIVETERS both pay homage, and advance the story at a time when we need it most.

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